Meet Sonia Furstenau

 "When we come together, when we govern with the intention to truly protect the interests of citizens, then we will see change. We will see empowerment of local communities. We will see an economy that both supports and is supported by a healthy environment. We will see the future we want for our province.”

Feeling a deep connection to the Cowichan Valley through the bonds of family, friends, and community, Sonia brings a lifetime of experience, passion, and skills to her role as a Regional District Director. This is her foundation as she seeks to bring about positive and lasting change as a Green Party MLA. 

Sonia has engaged and empowered the Shawnigan community in their ongoing efforts to defend their watershed after the BC Ministry of Environment issued a permit to a quarry that allows the company to import and landfill five million tonnes of contaminated soil in the Shawnigan watershed.  Over the last four years, Sonia has proven herself to be an unstoppable force for community protection. She has channeled her passion and drive for solutions, worked across party lines, and emerged as a champion for water protection in BC. Her relentless advocacy and community building have earned her the position of Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party, as well as the role of environment critic.

“I’m choosing to believe that with the Greens in the BC Legislature, we can change everything. I’m choosing to be part of a team of collaborators, innovators, leaders, and game-changers. A team of people who first and foremost see their mandate as being a duty to protect. A team of people who are committed to economic, social, environmental, and fiscal sustainability.”

Sonia’s astute accounting talents, honed by her successful administration of six figure budgets for the non-profit organization Results Canada, provide her with the experience to be fiscally prudent at the same time as adopting a visionary approach. As a CVRD Director, Sonia has been a firm and clear voice for responsible budgeting, while balancing the needs and desires of her community and the region. In her first months as CVRD director she began working on the purchase of Mt. Baldy; through a collaborative approach in the community that resulted in significant donations to offset the cost, the purchase was made with minimal impact to the taxpayers, and the 250-acre park is now protected in perpetuity. 

Sonia studied at the University of Victoria, where she earned a BA and MA in History, and an Education degree. She has been a teaching assistant at UVic and at University of York (England).  As a teacher, Sonia taught in the Victoria school district, where she was also the Social Justice Chair for the Greater Victoria Teachers Association, and she taught History, English, and Theory of Knowledge at Dwight School in Shawnigan Lake.

For over 15 years, Sonia and her husband Blaise have been involved in grassroots advocacy.  Sonia was National Administrator for Results Canada, a non-profit that works to end extreme poverty.  She has also been on the Board of Directors for Oikocredit, an international micocredit organization, and a volunteer with Citizens Climate Lobby, which is committed to finding solutions to the challenge of climate change. 

By electing Sonia Furstenau as your MLA, you can be confident that you will be choosing the hardest working candidate with the strongest voice, and an individual with a proven track record as a true servant of her constituents and their best interests.  Evidence of this can be found throughout her community, where she has been a champion for the protection of valuable parkland and watershed lands, and in her efforts to bring sustainable development and tourism-based projects to the community. Sonia has worked hard to bring her community’s vision for a tourism and recreation-based future to fruition, and these efforts contribute to harnessing significant economic and employment opportunities.

Sonia Furstenau is an innovative and collaborative game changer who has worked tirelessly to benefit her community.

Imagine what Sonia could do for you as your BC Green Party MLA.

Join Sonia Furstenau and vote your strongest voice into the Legislature.

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