"In a world too often dominated by scandal, intrigue and political positioning, Sonia Furstenau is a breath of fresh air. She has already more than proved her commitment to the well-being of this community with her tireless work in the struggle to remove the threat to our lake and she will bring that same energy and passion to representing this community as a whole. Sonia is the epitome of a leader in whom you can invest your trust - confident that her motives are pure and honourable. I am proud to endorse her."

--David Robertson, Headmaster, Shawinigan Lake School


"Sonia inspires others to come together and work towards a more just and sustainable world. I could not conceive of a more worthy candidate to represent those residing in the Cowichan Valley. She has led an energetic campaign to protect drinking water in Shawnigan Lake and, despite her incredibly busy schedule, still finds time to create genuine connections with members of the public. She is the strongest advocate for members of her riding in legislature and she will not just follow through with her campaign commitments, but exceed them. Sonia has had a profound impact on my life and countless other young women who want to make a meaningful difference. She has taught me that we have the capacity to achieve the incredible and I look forward to following her remarkable journey."

--Charly Caproff, Water Literacy Coordinator · Vancouver, British Columbia 


"I have met many people on my trail of life, and Sonia is one that I fully give my support to. She has the knowledge, compassion and ideals that we need in an MLA. Our environment is in trouble, economics need adjusting, our faith in government needs restoring and most of all we need a strong leader that looks at the whole picture from all directions, to better be healthy and true for a better, stronger tomorrow."

"Remember - If you do what you always do, you'll get what you always got - Vote Sonia Furstenau. Vote Green"  

--Joe Thorne, Cowichan Tribes      


“Sonia Furstenau has proven herself to be a dedicated community advocate and will bring a strong voice and her commitment to progressive values to the BC legislature. I’m looking forward to that breath of fresh air.” 

--Paul Manly, Owner, Manly Media


"Sonia Furstenau has shown herself to be a person of great character and commitment who understands and can articulate the need for societal change on many fronts.  She has demonstrated her ability to lead and inspire others, and to stop at nothing in her fight for the future that we believe is possible and that our grandchildren deserve.

I believe that Sonia Furstenau is by far the best choice as MLA for the Cowichan region and that her influence in Victoria combined with that of Andrew Weaver and a few other forward thinking MLAs is the best (and maybe the last) hope we have for a sustainable future."

--David Slade, Business owner and Grandfather 


"It is with great pleasure that I provide an endorsement for Sonia Furstenau. I am thrilled that we have a person of Sonia’s caliber representing the BC Greens in seeking a seat in the BC Legislature for the riding of Cowichan Valley.

As an elected Area Director for the Cowichan Valley Regional District, Sonia has distinguished herself as a strong community advocate and committed leader, capably representing her constituents by working collaboratively with other directors and across jurisdictions.
Sonia was at the forefront of the effort to the protect Shawnigan Lake’s watershed, leading the Save Shawnigan Water Community Action Group. She has a very strong presence and connection within her community and takes on major challenges with tremendous skill and passion.

Sonia is determined to empower people in the community by bringing them into the decision-making process and always ensuring there is opportunity to  provide input.
Sonia was appointed a Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party in November 2016 and I am so proud to have her on our leadership team."

--Andrew Weaver, BC Green Party Leader 


"Sonia Furstenau is a gift to our island community. She is articulate, committed and knowledgeable about region-wide issues that affect us all. 
Sonia is a natural leader. She takes action and unites communities in ways few can. I greatly admire and respect Sonia Furstenau and thank her wholeheartedly for putting it all on the line to serve as a provincial Green Party candidate. 

Sonia is a tremendously gifted individual who will truly serve with the best and highest intention to ensure we have transparency in government, inform the public of what is really happening, stand up for what is right and just, and represent the needs and wishes of her constituents".

--Frances Litman, 2015 Federal Green Party Candidate, Esquimalt - Saanich - Sooke 

"Sonia is truly an exceptional person.  Compassion, intelligence, perseverance, strength and ability are packaged into a feisty and effective champion.

If you agree that we need to collectively change how we think and act in order to achieve a necessary equilibrium within our natural environment then you could select no better person than Sonia as a guide.

If you desire an elected representative who knows the meaning of integrity, honour and respect; a person who would truly demonstrate these qualities as a committed and exceptionally capable public servant, then you should choose Sonia Furstenau as the MLA for Cowichan Valley".

Dave Hutchinson –

--Retired IT Professional, Co-editor, Shawnigan Focus


"I am voting for Sonia Furstenau, I am voting Green.

Sonia is a proven leader.  She has inspired people of all political stripes and social strata in our community and further afield, to become informed and stand up for their right to an environmentally sustainable life. 

As a CVRD director of the largest unincorporated area in B.C. Sonia has worked tirelessly for Shawnigan Lake, both as an inspirational and fearless leader in the fight to protect our watershed, but also in her diligent  and pragmatic attention to the more mundane, but equally important responsibilities of being a regional director responsible for all things that fall under her mandate from budgets to development permits.

Democracy only works if the right people are in power and the citizenry are actively engaged. Sonia is acutely aware that she cannot govern alone and it is essential that democracy is participatory.  To this end she has galvanized a veritable army of informed people and citizen scientists to assist her in serving this community. 

I refuse to vote out of fear, if you want change you must vote for change - the future of our grandchildren depends upon it.

Sonia Furstenau is intelligent, articulate, inspirational and fearless in standing up to injustice.  I am voting for the best candidate, we need Sonia’s voice to speak truth to power in our provincial legislature."

--Sally Davies, Shawnigan lake resident


"I believe Sonia Furstenau will represent our commuities in a way that is not possible for an MLA in one of the other parties.  In the legislature her leadership, integrity, knowledge, and commitment will benefit all British Columbians.  Her election will show that we can elect a real leader."

--John Scull (PhD), Duncan resident


"Sonia is a natural 21st century leader - curious, compassionate, and committed to her community, be it local or provincial, she is here for us!" 

--Stephanie Kosty


"As a young adult in the Shawnigan/South Cowichan community – and a former high school student of Sonia Furstenau’s - it is my opinion that Sonia is the right person to provide leadership for our community at this time – a true “next generation” leader.  In her role as a teacher at Dwight School Canada, she was highly motivating and a true mentor to me and I am excited that she has decided to take her enthusiasm for community service into the political realm. Sonia has the ability to inspire others with her dedication, passion and desire to bring people together to implement positive change. She is an exceptional leader who demonstrates a unique ability to listen, understand and connect with people. She is a strong and determined advocate for the stewardship and protection of the environment – and realizes that the sustainability of our communities depend on the environments that support them. I believe that Sonia is a “full-spectrum” politician who not only possesses the required tools and knowledge to represent her constituents but also has the ability to empower others with her infectious passion for building strong and healthy communities. I strongly believe that our community is lucky to have Sonia running for election as our MLA and I bwill be voting for her in the upcoming provincial election." 

--Jason Rutherford, Former Student of Sonia’s


"Most people feel some level of concern for their local and global community, however, few are compelled to act on these issues with the same alacrity and dedication as Sonia Furstenau. Indeed, I feel honoured to have been the student of someone who’s actions so closely align to their morals. Sonia’s remarkable leadership abilities are truly evident in her seemingly endless capacity to serve her community, her eloquent speech, her quick wit, and her perseverance. However, one of Sonia’s most valuable leadership qualities is her ability to inspire the same passion for humanitarian work in those around her. Sonia motivates those who are fortunate enough to collaborate with her to work harder, try harder, and care harder. She has demonstrated this trait countless times in her fight to protect the Shawnigan Lake water supply - a task she willingly adopted in light of her commitment to public health and environmental safety. I am confident that Sonia will approach any task as Cowichan’s MLA with the same fiery tenacity, insight, and creativity as she did with the Shawnigan Lake watershed. A vote for Sonia is a vote for standing up for a genuine leader. "

--Shadya Swann

"Sonia came along at a time when the community of Shawnigan Lake desperately needed a champion – Sonia Furstenau is a champion in so many ways!

I doubt that Sonia truly knew what she had agreed to when she was elected as the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) representative for Shawnigan Lake. Shawnigan Lake is the largest unincorporated area in B.C., which presents a multitude of jurisdictional challenges – and problems that are widespread and difficult to control.

In spite of that, Sonia jumped into the role of Area Director, community leader without hesitation and has worked tirelessly for the community.  The job of one Area Director, for more than 8000 people, provides more than enough challenge but in Sonia’s case she also took on the challenge of defending Shawnigan’s drinking watershed – a true David and Goliath story involving the BC Government, corporate greed and the safety of a community’s drinking water supply. With her remarkable leadership skills she brought the community of Shawnigan together to fight for the right to clean water. It was a tough battle, but Sonia is tenacious and never doubted victory. She was right! And, she is our champion. 

There are many words to describe Sonia – she is honest, she has integrity, she is intelligent, she is kind, but her greatest strength, in my mind, is that she is a natural educator. When she speaks, the research has been done and her words are supported by fact. She knows of what she speaks. In addition, she is an admirable role model who works harder than anyone. People recognize this, and they are willing to step up and get involved. And, finally, even in her incredibly busy life between her job and family, she always takes the time to listen – to everyone - whether it is a small concern or a major concern. She shows that she cares. She is a leader that people from a wide spectrum can follow."

--Lori Treloar


"It is my honor and with great pleasure to endorse Sonia Furstenau as our chosen local candidate for the upcoming provincial election. In the short time I have come to know Sonia I acquired respect and admiration for her genuiness, intelligence, and dedication to a good cause. The few times I have met her I have learned to appreciate her honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. She has a proven track record of being willing to work the long hours needed for the position in Parliament. I very much admire her stamina which she has demonstrated through her tireless engagement on issues such as Shawnigan's contaminated soil  fiasco. Thanks to mostly her doing this finally has come to a successful conclusion. Sonia is a highly successful mobilizer bringing out the best in people as a result of her very friendly and non-threatening personality.  She always appears well prepared and comes with a sound knowledge on all issues of importance. I am certain that Sonia will use her qualities to create a sound balance between the ambitious goals of the Green Party and reality. Beyond a doubt she is the most qualified person to represent our local needs which she best understands. She has the most credible program to address those needs in environmental, social, cultural, and economic terms. The time has arrived for a change. Sonia brings excellent credentials to this position. With proud enthusiasm, I therefore support her as the Green Party's candidate in our area to represent us, our interests and shared values in Parliament."

--Dr. Goetz Schürholz, Wildlife Biologist and Environmentalist









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